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Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium | Membership

New companies are encouraged to join the consortium. An agreement to support the SEMC can be obtained by downloading this Word document:

***click here to download the Research Agreement (Word Document)***

***click here to download the Research Proposal (PDF Document)***

Support for the consortium is now a fixed $15k per year, with no distinction for first-time members or penalty for lapsed membership. To reduce paperwork, we request a 3-year contract, but year to year support is subject to approval by the sponsors, who may elect to withdraw at any time by giving notice in writing to Scripps contracts and grants office. In return for support, sponsors get early access to data, software, and results produced by the research. Meetings are held approximately every 12 months to confer with sponsors and distribute results.

For SEMC membership, the Scripps contracts and grants office (contact: Steven Carter) needs to generate a formal proposal consisting of the work statement and a contract with your company (generated by SIO contracts and grants department), which will be sent to you for approval. To prepare the contract we need:

Official Corporate Name.
Corporate Address.
Name of person to send invoices.
Name of person to contact for notices,

which you can email Steven Constable. It is also worth mentioning that a dozen or so companies have signed the contract your company will receive, and while we are happy to make small changes, we cannot change anything that would give your company a significantly better deal than the other companies (this is in the interests of fairness, but is a legal matter too).


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