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Research Projects

Magnetotelluric and Seismic Investigations of Arc Melt Generation, Deliver and Storage Beneath Okmok Volcano.

Field survey underway June-July 2015!



MOCHA: Magnetotelluric Observations of Cascadia using a Huge Array The Marine MT cruises for this project are happening in April and June 2014.



SERPENT: Serpentinite, Extension and Regional Porosity Experiment across the Nicaraguan Trench



Marine EM Studies of the Scarborough Gas Field


Broadband magnetotelluric sounding at the East Pacific Rise, 9ยบ30'N


Modeling with adaptively refined finite elements for electromagnetic induction studies

A freely available 2D inversion code that uses parallel goal-oriented adaptive finite elements.
Mapping salt structures with the marine magnetotelluric method
Imaging the subduction zone offshore northeastern Japan with the broadband magnetotelluric method. This data set is a great example of the marine MT coast effect distortion that produces negative phases and apparent resistivity cusps in TE mode data.
Marine EM Reference Database - a working database of all peer-reviewed papers, technical reports and student theses on marine EM.





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