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Electromagnetic Geophysics Visualizations

Here are some visualizaiton i've made of marine electromagnetic induction model studies and field experiments for teaching EM geophysics concepts.

Click the images to view the visualization pages.

CSEM sounding on the continental shelf and the deep ocean abyssal plain. The top movie is a typical 1D hydrocarbon exploration model consisting of relatively conductive 1 ohm-m sediments and a thin resistive reservoir. The bottom movie is for a much more resistive deep ocean crustal profile. Colors show the instantaneous amplitude of the electric field while the arrows show the instantaneous direction. Make sure to turn on the "loop" setting in your movie player. Want to make your own movies? Here's the Matlab script (makeMovieFromDipole1D.m). You can download my 1D CSEM modeling code Dipole1D here, and run it with this RUNFILE to get this result file Oceanic.csem. Then generate the movie with the Matlab script.


CSEM diffusion in a 1D model without and with a thin hydrocarbon reservoir. White arrows show the direction of energy propagation and black arrows show the instantaneous electric field polarization. Watch how energy diffuses up from the reservoir and down from the air, and look for the interference zones where the Poynting vectors point at each other. Quicktime Movie (7.4 MB).
3D marine CSEM forward modeling of Gemini salt body, Quicktime Movie
Offshore oil exploration with marine CSEM visualization: electric field vectors and amplitudes in a time lapse simulation, Quicktime Movie
Quicktime movie of the adaptive refinement of a finite element grid used for a marine CSEM model study. Essentially a summary of the MARE2DCSEM paper in a single movie.
Electric dipole in a whole-space time-lapse movie. Useful for explaining EM diffusion in its simplest form. Quicktime movie and Matlab code.
Gemini Prospect marine magnetotelluric survey for base of salt mapping. This is a 3D visualization of MT inversion models with depth migrated seismic reflection data overlain. This was created as part of my Ph.D. thesis. Click the image to visit the Marine EM lab web page, where you can download the Fledermaus 3D file and fly through the scene using the free iView3D viewer.

An animated cartoon explaining the marine magnetotelluric method that I made for part of an entry in the Scripps Visualization Center student contest in 2003.

A different take on the marine MT animation...
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