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East Pacific Rise 2004

Marine EM Lab performs world's largest marine EM experiment!

In February 2004 the Marine EM lab carried out the largest marine EM experiment of any academic or industrial group. On the R/V Roger Revelle we collected 69 sites of broadband marine MT data and towed the new Scripps deep-tow EM transmitter SUESI for over 80 km, resulting in the largest marine MT and controlled-source EM data set ever collected. With this huge amount of data the goal of this experiment is to image the magmatic and hydrothermal systems associated with plate spreading volcanism at the mid-ocean ridge.


Download the cruise report.

Key, K., S. Constable, L. Liu, and A. Pommier, 2013, Electrical image of passive mantle upwelling beneath the northern East Pacific Rise, Nature, 495, 499-502.

Download the MT data used in the Nature paper. The data description can be found on the MARE2DEM pages

Results from the pilot MT experiment in February 2000:

Key, K., and S. Constable, Broadband marine MT exploration of the East Pacific Rise at 9°50'N, Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(22), 2054, doi:10.1029/2002GL016035, 2002.


We greatfully acknowledge funding from the NSF and Captain David Murline and the crew of the R/V Roger Revelle for their efforts at making this a succesful cruise. The following people participated in the cruise.

Shipboard Personnel:
Steve Constable Scripps Inst. Oceanography Chief Scientist
Kerry Key Scripps Inst. Oceanography Co-Chief Scientist
James Behrens Scripps Inst. Oceanography Student
Chester Weiss Sandia National Laboratories Scientist
Graham Heinson Adelaide University, Australia Scientist
Lucrezia Terzi Milan Univ., Italy Student
Joshua King Texas A&M Student
Goren Boran Flinders Unviersity, Australia Student
Chris Armerding Scripps Inst. Oceanography Technician
Patricia Cheng Scripps Inst. Oceanography Technician
Garth Engelhorn Scripps Inst. Oceanography Technician
Anthony Massarweh Scripps Inst. Oceanography Adventurer
Geof Howe AOA Geomarine Operations Engineer
Kelly Callaway AOA Geomarine Operations Engineer
Cambria Colt Scripps Inst. Oceanography Res Tech
Pre-Cruise Preparation Personnel:
Jacques Lemire Scripps Inst. Oceanography Engineer
Christian Winther Scripps Inst. Oceanography Engineer
Pat Scripps Inst. Oceanography Technician
Aggie Scripps Inst. Oceanography Technician

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