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Lab location
History of marine EM


About Us

Marine EM Lab continues the long tradition of pioneering marine EM methods at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Click here to read about the scientific history of Marine EM and about the development of the Marine EM Lab. To see where the lab is located at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, click here

Who we are

Steven Constable Principal Investigator, Professor
Kerry Key Principal Investigator, Associate Professor
Samer Naif Graduate Student
Anandaroop Ray Graduate Student
Peter Kannberg Graduate Student
Dallas Sherman Graduate Student
Nate O'flaherty Graduate Student
Arnold Orange Associate Research Scientist
Jacques Lemire Engineer
John Souders Engineer
Chris Armerding Technician
Jake Perez Technician
Arlene Jacobs Administrative Assistant
- good contact if we're all at sea.

Former Marine EM Lab Scientists

James Behrens PhD (2005). Now a geophysics consultant and musician.
Karen Weitemeyer PhD (2008), Postdoc (2008-2012). Now at University of Southampton.
Yuguo Li Postdoc, Project Scientist (2005-2009). Now at Ocean University of China.
Dylan Connell Masters (2011). Now at Newmont Mining.
David Myer PhD (2012). Now a consultant at BlueGreen Geophysics.
Brent Wheelock PhD (2012). Now at ExxonMobil Upstream Research.
Vanessa Brown PhD (2012), visiting from IPGP France. Now at Chevron.

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