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Recent Cruises
Mendocino (2018)
Mono Lake MT (2017)
GoM Hydrate (2017)
iLAB (2016)
Okmok Volcano (2015)
Santa Cruz Basin (2014)
MOCHA (2014)
Uruguay (2014)
SERPENT (2010)
Scarborough (2009)
Central California (2008)
GOM Hydrate (2008)
Loihi Seamount (2006)
Hydrate Ridge (2004)
East Pacific Rise (2004)
Gemini Prospect (2003)
APPLE (2001)
Japan (2000)
Worldwide Cruises Map


WHAM: Web based 1D CSEM Modeling
Occam1DCSEM Code
San Diego Trough Data
GPS Stray Line Buoys
Occam 2DMT Code
MARE2DEM Code Available to SEMC Members
DPGs for sale
Gemini MT 3D Viz
Steven Constable awarded G. W. Hohmann Career Achievement award



A web resource for the marine EM community that contains presentations, publications, a directory, mailing list, as well as meeting announcements and open source EM software.

An international electronic forum for the free exchange of knowledge, programs and data between scientists engaged in the study of the Earth using electromagnetic methods, principally the magnetotelluric technique (magnetotellurics).

Steven Constable
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The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics.

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