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Instruments | Deep-Sea Differential Pressure Gauges (DPGs)

The Marine EM Lab serves as a facility for the design, construction and calibration of deep-sea differential pressure gauges (Cox et al., 1984). DPG sensors are capable of accurate measurements of pressures generated directly by long surface gravity waves, tsunami, and microseisms.

For more information contact: Jacques Lemire, jlemire@ucsd.edu.

Click the reference below to download a PDF document of the original DPG publication:

Charles Cox, Thomas Deaton, and Spahr Webb. A Deep-Sea Differential Pressure Gauge. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology: Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 237–246, 1984. (PDF, 688 KB)

DPG Specifications

Pass Band 2 Hz to 500 seconds
Nominal Gain 1 mV/Pa at 1 Hz
Noise 5 x 10-3 Pa2 / Hz at 100 seconds
Dimensions 152.5 mm diameter x 200 mm long, not including connector.
Internal Media dimethylpolysiloxane (silicone oil), UV sensitive
Weight in air 5 kg
Weight in seawater 1.5 kg at 15°C
Operating Temperature -2 to +35°C
Depth Rating 6000 m
Operation Orientation any
Hardware Options Metric or US
Connector 4 pin Impulse or custom

Photographs of the SIO DPGs

Below we show two photographs of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography differential pressure gauge (DPG).


Noise Spectra of DPGs

The figure below shows the power spectral density (PSD), noise spectrum and magnitude-squared coherence for two DPG data sets collected in a temperature controlled vault at IGPP. 120 minutes of data were used.


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