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Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium

The Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography develops electromagnetic methods for the purpose of offshore exploration, most recently looking at geotechnical characterization of wind farm foundations. Consortium support since 1996 has led to the development of a highly reliable marine EM receiver, the active-source EM method for exploration, an acitve-source EM transmitter system, EM software and modeling tools, and supported many marine EM graduate students. Please visit the links at left to learn more about the SEMC. Also, the tabs at the top of this page offer more information about the Marine EM Laboratory's research and resources.

The Principal Investigator for the SEMC is Steven Constable. The SEMC also funds graduate students Peter Kannberg, Dallas Sherman, Yuxiang Zhang, Dan Blatter, Chloe Gustafson, Christine Chesley, and Valeria Reyes-Ortega. Arnold Orange joined our group in 2007 as a Research Associate, and Len Srnka in 2013 as a Professor of Practice. Past students, postdocs and Project Scientists supported by SEMC funds include: Kerry Key, James Behrens, Yuguo Li, Ashley Medin, Karen Weitemeyer, Dylan Connell, David Myer, Brent Wheelock, Vanessa Brown, Derrick Hasterok, Samer Naif, Anandaroop Ray, Thomas Martin, Mike Sly, and Georgianna Zelenak.

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