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Occam's Inversion
lcplot Matlab codes



Here you will find extensive resources regarding software, marine EM instrumentation, photo galleries, and slide show presentations.

WHAM: Web Hosted Active-source Modeling Free online 1D active-source EM modeling tool.
MARE2DCSEM Modeling with Adaptively Refined Elements: 2D CSEM forward modeling code.
Occam's Inversion Inversion program for 1 and 2D MT, and 1D CSEM modeling. Wrtitten to be easily adapted to other techniques (seismics, gravity, etc...)
lcplot Matlab Codes A suite of Matlab codes for easy plotting of electromagnetic time series, power spectra and spectrograms for Scripps (.bin) and EMGS (.rx2) format data files.
Instrumentation Marine EM instrumentation developed at the Marine EM laboratory.
Presentations Downloadable presentations given by Marine EM Laboratory scientists

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