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Modeling with Adaptively Refined Elements - 2.5D Marine CSEM Forward Modeling

Yuguo Li and Kerry Key

MARE2DCSEM is an adaptive finite element package for 2.5D modeling for frequency domain, marine controlled-source EM using a horizontal electric dipole. We use unstructured triangular finite elements so that arbitrarily complex structure can be modeled. We also use an adaptive method, in which the solution is computed iteratively using successively refined grids, where elements are refined until an acceptable solution has been achieved.

Source Code:

Currently only available to supporting members of the Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium (SEMC). MARE2DCSEM will be made available to public when the manuscript is published (expected to be early 2007).


Kerry Key's MARE2D presentation at the MARELEC 2006 meeting in Amsterdam. (PDF, 5.2 MB).

Screen Shots:

Below we show some screen shots of an example model of complex 2D structure (top), its CSEM response (middle) and the model design MATLAB interface Triangle.m (bottom).



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