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Gemini MT 3D Viz

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EM Lab Personnel:

Kerry Key, Steven Constable

The visualization shown below can be downloaded and viewed in interactive 3D using the free software iView3D. The file is an iView3D "scene" file. iView3D is a freeware 3-D model viewer and can be downloaded from IVS. Note that different parts of the scene can be turned on and off under the "View" menu. Try turning off the top and bottom salt surfaces.

***Click here to download the Gemini scene file***

To download the file, right-click (Windows) or CTRL-click (Mac) on the file type and choose 'Download to Disk' ('Save Target As', 'Save File As') from the menu. Then if necessary uncompress and open the file in iView3D or Fledermaus.

***Visit IVS to download the free iView3D software (Mac, Windows, Unix versions available) ***





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