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MOCHA Magnetotelluric Observations of Cascadia using a Huge Array
Uruguay EM Marine EM studies of the geological structure of the continental margin offshore Uruguay
SERPENT Serpentinite, Extension and Regional Porosity Experiment across the Nicaraguan Trench
Scarborough Marine EM Marine EM studies of the Scarborough gas field, Western Australia.
San Diego Trough MT and CSEM Marine MT and CSEM for mapping an offshore sedimentary basin.
San Andreas MT Marine MT to study deep structure of the San Andreas Fault system.
GoM Hydrate Comprehensive tests of Marine EM over hydrate prospects in the Gulf of Mexico.
Loihi Seamount Marine EM tomography of Loihi Seamount, Hawaii.
MARE2D Modeling with Adaptively Refined Elements. 2D Marine EM modeling codes that use unstructured finite elements and automatic grid refinement.
Hydrate Ridge Marine MT and CSEM survey to detect shallow gas hydrates using electrical methods.
East Pacific Rise Electrical conductivity structure of a fast-spreading mid-ocean ridge. This is the largest marine EM (MT and CSEM) data set ever collected.
Gemini Prospect Imaging a 3D salt structure at Gemini Prospect, Gulf of Mexico using broadband marine MT.
APPLE Anisotropy and Physics of the Pacific PLate Experiment. CSEM and MT investigation of crustal and upper mantle elctrical conductivity anisotropy.
Marine EM for Petroleum Exploration Finding oil reservoirs using marine controlled-source EM.
Occam Inversion Regularized Inversion Algorithm.
Seafloor EM Receiver Seafloor broadband electric and magnetic field instrumentation.
SUESI Scripps Undersea Electromagnetic Source Instrument




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