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Least Count

The least count for the MkIII data logger A/D converter is

5 V / 12582911 counts = 3.9736e-07 V / count

Electric Field Amplifier

The MkIII electric field amplifier has a nominal gain of about 858,000 at 1 s period. The full response curve is shown in the figure below. A table of the response values can be found at this link: MkIII_Eamp.rsp. Tests on each amplifier board shows that the calibrated responses vary by about 1-2%, which is within the specification of the components. This response does not take into account the standard 10 m dipole length for horizontal electric field measurements; in other words, the actual electric field measurement will have another factor of 10 gain from the dipole length.

Magnetometer and Amplifier

The BFC-200 induction coil magnetometer with amplifier response is shown in the figure below. A table of this response can be found at this link: BFC-200_MKIIIamp.rsp.



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